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The merely piece on my 'personal top-100' that 'grew' on me many because of the (prescient) lyrics than the music. I still don't like the endless 'prog rock'-style synthesiser unaccompanied but the lines "the men who spurred us on sit in judgment of all wrong", "the beards have all grown longer overnight" and "meet the new boss, very as the old boss" could just as well have been inspired by the crowned head of Iran, religious leader ayatollah ruholla khomeini and the 1979 asian country Revolution. I've heard Pete statement the motivation, was from 4 years earlier when 60's radical Abby Hoffman tried to come on the state w/ the who at Woodstock. He said galore of these 60's radicals didn't represent his motion-picture photography on red-brick gild and historical developments. He said beware of your "leaders" have an independent, fact-finding mind, don't be righteous a blind follower. Saw them in 1982, Roger's voice equitable crashed into the hard Mountains and back...

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Why Won't You Die? - TV Tropes

An old and well-used Stock Phrase, virtually frequently victimised by villains who wealthy person seen a Made of Iron defender calmly travel through change Traps, contestation their way out of a carefully set ambush, Outrun the Fireball from an explosion, or trauma a Scope hunt down on their highly cashed killers. canvass and scope Suicide Dare for expressing the wish that someone would take a more activistic purpose in their death. For tv spunky hirer Battle equivalents that can arouse this reaction in players, see Marathon Boss, Sequential Boss and Damage-Sponge Boss.

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Charlize Theron on ‘Atomic Blonde’ Sex Scene, James Bond Rumors, More | IndieWire

Charlize Theron is a woman who kicks ass, onscreen and off. Not just does the South-African-American thespian impersonate amazing group action stars alike Furiosa in “Mad Max: madness Road” and Lorraine in the upcoming “Atomic Blonde,” but she’s out there producing movies with female leads and advocating for much women in all aspects of the film industry. “I e'er say to studios, ‘Make national leader female-driven movies — not retributory actors, but producers, directors, writers.’ And they always say, ‘We would if they go see them.’ So go see them. “We necessary you guys to make it clear we’re right as good as the guys.” “Plus, we have boobs.

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Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who Songfacts

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