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A Love earth 2 has been near destroyed subsequently a sex tape they recorded curtly after the hit ITV 2 show concluded earlier this year was stolen from a expressway employment station moral Peterborough. The "tasteful" tape was cursed by publicist Rob Cooper, who had been given a copy by the mates subsequently they united to make it public "on the condition that it was valuable more than £100k," Cooper told The Mirror. Police are work the incident and a reward of £25,000 - split betwixt actor and the couple - has been offered for the tape's unhazardous return."The portable computer and iii SD cards were in a laptop computer case placed in the footwell on the passenger added alongside some paperwork," Cooper claims."I was on the electro-acoustic transducer to some other client via a handsfree kit, so once I pulled into the religious ritual I ended the call at pm, then afterward spending ten minutes inside I reconnected the telephone set and continued my jaunt at pm, that's how I can be so specific on timings."When I returned to the car, I detected that the room access was slenderly jarred open, however, at that place was a joseph louis barrow Vuitton packsack on the noncurrent space which was still in that respect so I assumed I was honourable being paranoid - once I got interior I realised the portable computer arm was gone along with its contents."This enclosed the sex tape. The couple in inquiry had been anticipative that they might be healthy to strike a good deal for its release with bright Entertainment, the company prudent for marketing the tapes of Kim Kardashian and capital of france Hilton."All SD cards that include un-airbrushed images of celebrities or any other pleased that may be seen as excitable are stored in individualistic zip lock bags with coded precaution tape, this is to ensure that anyone manual labour the images are command responsible for the fastener being damaged," Cooper explained."If the images get into the condemnable hands, they could be uploaded online, that's why we've definite to make it public and offer a munificent advantage for their unhazardous legal instrument of the individually coded bag.""The images are worthless to anyone who may individual them, they are classed as stolen good and if the images were to be uploaded then the vender is committing getting even porn, which is apparently illegal."The £25,000 consequence will be compensable in full if the seal on the notice has not been broken.

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New reality show, Sex Tape, is set to drag TV down to uncharted depths

But what happens when receiving system becomes extremely intrusive and captures every bittie particular in a relationship? We got to picket the condition in a couple's marriage/relationship once they were housed in a exquisite mansion somewhere in Los Angeles. Well, we get a TV show called This latest realism TV amusement requires its cast members to alter a sex tape, which intention then be watched by a expert and digit couples.

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A Love Island Couple's Sex Tape Has Been Stolen - Pretty 52

A loved one solid ground couple has allegedly had their sex tape purloined from a car at a motorway help station. It has been claimed that police are investigating later the home recording was apparently assumed from the couple's publicist's car in a bash and grab. The reality stars, who were on this year's show, had handed their sex tape playing period to their publicist Rob Cooper, who is now offering a business reward for the safe return of the vid after the crime.

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Love Island couple 'devastated' after 'tasteful' sex tape stolen from service station

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