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Although often joint with the indigene name, Yuri is also a Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, and Korean name as well. In Japanese, depending on the characters misused to tour the name, it could also mean "abundant ideals". Pronounced: YOO-ree ordinary Japanese pistillate personage that may be written with the character for "lily". some other possible combinations of characters view "tenderness; superiority" (yu) and "reason; justice; truth" (ri). As a Russian and Ukrainian male name, Yuri is a deviation transcription of Yuriy (or Jurij), the slavic variant of George.

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Useful English: Russian Names in English (English Text)

See Russian Names in arts (Russian Text) for the text in Russian. Different structure of written account state traducement into english language existed in the past, and some standards of transliteration of Cyrillic into a people exist now. In some cases, the amount of existing English variants is really intimidating.

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Behind the Name: Russian Names

English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Georgian, Biblical, sacred writing Latin, Biblical Greek, religious writing hebraic Form of Hadrianus (see HADRIAN). various saints and six popes have borne this name, including the only English pope, Adrian IV, and the only Dutch pope, physiologist VI. As an English name, it has been in use since the intermediate Ages, though it was not best-selling until modern times.

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Yuri Name Meaning & Origin | Baby Name Wizard

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