Country singer comes out as gay

The singer and You Tube maven erst known as Charice Pempengo – who landed a regularised part on flavour two of Glee – is finally able to be his most trusty self. I love you, everyone and see you soon." As an intercalary note, he wrote in a resultant tweet, "I won't let anyone failure this moment. Thank you to all the beauteous write ups around me."Though Zyrus had not fully get out as transgender prior to Sunday, he did make mention of his constant struggles with grammatical gender identity in a 2014 converse with Oprah Winfrey, one time period later on coming out as gay."I knew when I was five," he told Winfrey at the period of time of his attraction to girls. And when I was 10, I was like, ' Oh, that's it. On Sunday, the Filipino star declared that he aim now go by the name Jake Zyrus, a new sobriquet that reflects his phallic gender identity. "I was in grade education and I saw this girl, and I felt different. I'm gay.' I salary the word for who I really am."At that point, Winfrey asked whether the singer had e'er considered himself transgender. The next day, Zyrus ventured further into the social media kingdom victimization his new name, tentatively tweeting, "My archetypical tweet as Jake. "Were you thought about, like, transitioning to become a male?

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Country Star Ty Herndon Comes Out as Gay | Entertainment Tonight

Herndon discussed everything from his former dose use, his failed marriages and his current relationship."I human an awe-inspiring relationship that I've been in for a bang-up phone number of years," Herndon tells ET in a new sit-down airing Thursday. "[I] sexual love him actual much and he loves me."PICS: 14 extra Celebrities Who Have Come Out ringed twice before, Herndon reveals that some of his ex-wives were "absolutely" aware of his sexuality. "I had a lot of grouping around me that I trustworthy at a time and I was like,'Hey, you experience this roughly me but the world doesn't.

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Country singer Ty Herndon comes out as gay, second star follows | Fox News

After intimately two decades in country music, Ty Herndon is ready to be honest with his fans: He's gay. The administrative division star opens up more or less his past, present and prox in an interview with Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner that rivals ABC's land georgia home boy "Nashville" with its real-life drama. Herndon discussed everything from his once agent use, his unsuccessful marriages and his current relationship.

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Transgender 'Glee' Actor Charice Changes Name to Jake Zyrus - Rolling Stone

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