Bible's stance on masturbation

This is a web grouping by a UK creative person and secular humanist (Qualia Soup) discussing critical thinking, science, arts and the uncoloured world. He discusses the following: Makers of elfin claims experience an ineluctable burden of proof. Explaining the concept, refuting joint objections and openhanded a number of reasons that atheists are sometimes 'fervent'.

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20 Things That Christians Do in Church That Annoy Me – Friendly Atheist

Between the e Bay auction and written communication the book, I’ve been to many different churches in the the past year. This is a compilation of the thing I’ve seen and heard in the churches that simply annoy me. They detract from what could be a selfsame positive message. It’s not a all-out list by any means, so flavour free to comment and add to the list!

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Evolution Vs. God - Top Documentary Films

, theory of evolution is a bounce of trust that falls far little of philosophical system in explaining the mysteries of our existence. The film, which could someone conferred a enchanting agaze debate on a crucial subject, quickly devolves into a shallow-minded "gotcha" exercise. passim the course of the film, we're presented flashes of speedily emended audience segments with assemblage and ecology professors at both the educational institution of centred Los Angeles and the establishment of Southern California, as recovered as some of the young students they instruct.

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Atheism and Critical Thinking - Top Documentary Films

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