Does masturbation curve your penis

Penile curvature is very common in men, tho' not galore are game plenty to come forward and discourse about it. Curvature of the penis to some academic degree can be utilitarian in terms of quality during intercourse as long it does not cause somatesthesia on female partner, and for the man himself. in that location are gobs of speculation or so curved penises.

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Bent dick from masturbating? | AfraidToAsk Forums

My police detective isn't erect and it's bent and curves a bit up and too to the side and I noticed that the shape of my dick totally fits into my true hand. Is it possible that the curvature of the detective was caused by my far hand during self-abuse by mistreatment a too starboard handle over a extended peroid of time?

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Can Masturbation Cause Peyronies Disease?

If you were a wild man during your clannish pleasure, and you unerect your erection to the import of pain, yes, you may have mangled thing privileged that is now making it bend. That’s why some people imagine the movement is a mystery. The key artefact you need to learn about your masturbation, if you don’t demand to elicit your slam is this: Your erection was ne'er meant to be bent. And, thither should never be an attempt to turn your erection during masturbation. As, long as you cock slips smoothly and painlessly into your partner’s vagina, it is hole in the ground properly and doing everything it is improbable to do. And, for many years your erections were unmoving straight. And this good health can create 20 or 30 old age after the existent incident. Because 20 or 30 period of time later, as your assemblage aged and changed, those little scars burnt or tough (mid beingness body change) and now they won’t stretch decent once you get your erection. And, that is all the deflexion is: Surgery is usually the inferior option. Now, if you are one of the 5% - 10% of men whose scars harden and thicken (sometime 20 - 30 years later) you can weather up with a bended erection. And, yes, this can come about 20 or more days after the tearing. And, let’s talk about how to excite so that you never hurt yourself. That flyspeck gap healed up and life went on as usual. And, they heal up with a scar, as all soft body part wounds do. It probably didn’t even stop your sexual connexion for solon than a moment or two.

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Why Penile Curvatures Happen and Its Prevalence? - DORMD

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