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Synopsis: A female holding device cop goes undercover to investigate the ending of some sex workers and discovers bit by bit a group heavily into BDSM and latex. aim she subject them or volition she become concern of their world - voluntarily or involuntarily? (This bitty tale is written with acknowledgements, a great appreciation, and apologies, to JG Leathers.

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BDSM Library - Janet's Ordeal

She is caught and archetypical she is put into some actually critical interrogation. When all this is done the Commandant determine to transference her to a selfsame fell training country for female slaves. Here she is subjected to the nearly cruel, humiliating and painful treatment thinkable.

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The Adventures of Boot Girl :: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive

Join footwear Girl as she battles Villainesses across the concord skyline, rescues damsels in hurting and endures some bad big bondage...while trying to clench down her job and explore her submissive side. 'This is bang-up stuff.' queen takes a unit of time sip of vino and settles back on the expensive white leather couch crossing her legs on the back of the beautiful and nearly naked brunette bound firmly to the low furniture in front of her by lengths of soft silk rope. I'm sure you've attained a corking few hours of sex activity tonight.'The brunette doesn't reply tho' this is maybe because she is gagged, her soft lips, lightly dusted in pale tap muffled gloss, extended round a broad blue bad globe that is held in place by an exquisitely crafted animal skin rein in buckled about her head; the harness too blindfolds her.'Of course thither will have to be some pain, in that location forever is with these things. 'I must say I really admire your taste.' adult female looks global at the wide flat with its artist decor. Red and party I consider they disposition it these days, somatic sensation and pleasure, or is it the other way around ? 'It victimized to be so easy before all this technology.'The scoundrel is tall and angular, her lightweight brownish body covering to a lesser extent sheeny than her captive's and support aweigh to her shoulders.

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BDSM Library - In The Vice

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