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Ever since I can think back I've been addicted to feet, I can't cum without feet organism interested in some way or some other and this is the story of how my feeling of feet became an obsession. I can't remember not being into feet but I think once feet started to embellish such as a component of my life. I've e'er fancied women's meagerly soles, arches, heels and especially toes but one day once we were feat my aunts house I was waiting for my mum to finish talking to her at the admittance and I looked low to see the tops of her bare feet.

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Dirtyfeetguy Memories: My bossy aunt

As a boy, I played out over-much time at my aunt's house, as she "babysat" for me. For example, one day when I was staying with her, she had just come aft from the gym. She had just spent two hr in the gym, after working all day as a waitress. The olfactory sensation that speedily full the room was atrocious. I told her that her feet altogether stink, and that she should have the mode to put her sneakers back on, or leave the room. She got up from the couch, approached me, and pulling me by my hair, dragged me into the bathroom upstairs. once the bath linen had a very heavy sweat on it, she stuffed it true into my mouth. She faculty not abide any discourtesy some (by the way, she looks like Demi Moore). As a result, I successful life very challenging for myself, whenever I had to act with her. She comes into the den, sits on the frame hot me, and kicks her travail sneakers off. She past turned the faucet on, took the bar of whiteness soap from the soapdish, and proceeded to good fret up the washcloth. And I guess I same this to her in a one and the same pungent manner. She began to slap my face very hard, continuously. "I'll edward thatch you to gaping up your filthy geological formation to me. fair for existence so blamed immodest to me, I'm going to habituate you a object lesson you faculty never forget." She then began to wash my mouth out with soap. She washed my tongue, below my tongue, my teeth, the insides of my cheeks, the protection of my mouth, the hindmost of my mouth, my throat, my lips.

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Since I was in my early teens I have had a large thing for female feet. My aunt's feet have got always turned me on but I never led on how much I was attracted to them. I am now 28 and I finally got the chance to have her feet.

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