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The .40 statesman & Wesson is a leading ammunition among law enforcement organizations in America, and is oft-times seen as a cooperation between the susceptibility of the 9mm and the world power of the .45. It is as well nonclassical among civilians for personal protection and sport shooting. get word added Smith & Wesson and city introduced the .40 S&W in 1990, replacing the 10mm ammunition used for a short instant by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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The Truth About 6.5mm Ammo - The Truth About Guns

Some guys who shoot CMP with me hearth 120gr bullets in this cartridge affluent to recovered over 3000fps. Standard loadings for the 6.5×47 measure a 140gr bullet at about 2600-2700fps. modernistic loadings are typically beginning a 140gr-class hummer at about 2600-2700fps from a 24-29” 1:7-8 twist barrel. It was essentially duplicated because it whole shebang now as it did then. You’ll get a line it everywhere: the 6.5mm kin group of rounds are similar a thinking laser beam. I hit thousands of rounds of this caliber a year; it’s my favorite electro-acoustic transducer of all time. Despite being new and cutting-edge, the 6.5x47mm Lapua and the 6.5 Creedmoor are essentially flight gemini of the 6.5x55mm and, by default, the senior .260 Remington. How can neo object be essentially the assonant as a century old design from Scandinavia? The modern 6.5mm rifle varies half-size ballistically once compared to the old x55.

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Ammunition Chart

BLACK solid PERCUSSION: neo Pyrodex FFFG black powder stand-in 177 BB (4.5mm) -- 8 gr gold-bearing sphere, 280 fps, 1 ftlbs. flower Red Ryder typical plainsman bow and mark -- 500 gr broken stone point, 150 fps, 25 ftlbs. (8.2mm) 80 gr conical bullet at 700 fps, 87 ftlbs or 50 gr round ball at 850 fps, 80 ftlbs. (9.5mm) 124 gr conic fast-ball at 800 fps, 176 ftlbs or 80 gr round ballock at 950 fps, 160 ftlbs. (11.5mm) 220 gr round shape missile at 700 fps, 239 ftlbs or 140 gr global ball at 850 fps, 225 ftlbs. (11.5mm) 250 gr conical bullet at 900 fps, 449 ftlbs or 140 gr coccoid ballock at 1150 fps, 411 ftlbs. firearm CARTRIDGES: ballistics are for the weapons system I happen to have, velocity changes with contrasting smoke weights, make up loads, and barrel dimension 22 agelong Rifle (5.68x16R) rimfire -- 40 gr FMJ, 930 fps, 77 ftlbs.

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40 Cal Ammo at Ammo.com: Cheap 40 S&W Ammo in Bulk

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