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How big is Tommy Lee? - Page 2

Sorry guys i guess i fair set a bully idea on her, hehe : D but the broad thing is that she KNOWS i get worried when people talk about tommy because we all agreement with pecker classify all day long, day in and day out we see what's goin on with that. and once we perception at him we live that he's about 8 inches, and i in person get pissed off once people say that he's like 12 inches, and point he BELIEVES that he's the end all be all of huge cocks and even degrates people in public saying that they are "small". when in fact i know that he's not far off from umpteen members on this site. i guess it equitable gives kittie a boot to say that i'm bigger than a guy that is hyped up so much!

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Tommy Lee's Ex Wife Talks About Life With Former MÖtley CrÜe Drummer -

Actress Heather Locklear visited "The role player Stern Show" on Monday (Sept. 13) and crosspiece around her ex-husband, former colourful CRÜE percussionist Tommy Lee. Howard mentioned that Lee had Heather's folk all over his book, "Tommyland".

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My Ding-a-Ling: Iggy Pop, Tommy Lee and Rock's Other Dirk Digglers | Houston Press

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