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[S5] Arguably, the funniest part of Episode 6. : gameofthrones

[No Spoilers] In Kingsman: The happy Circle, there's a scene on a jet with a containerful of alcohol fanny Colin estuary labeled "DORNE." Padro Pascal, who plays hard liquor in this movie also plays Oberyn Martell from Dorne in brave of Thrones.

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Large Dingy – Small Dick, Big Heart Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I used to think so (ayaaah) Untill one day I watched some porn [Cor plant Drop] And the dude was sportsmanlike a fuckin' saxophone sized penis. (chyeah chyeah big duke) Where I formerly tangle pride, now all I felt was shame Why couldn't I be packing a loaf of carver lucre for a dick, too? " [Cor economist Drop] [Hook] Cry retributory to nap Cuz I don't go that deep (uuuaahhh) Cock just pecks on vag lip All that fits is the tip (yeeah) Girls grab my putz and pull But they'll ne'er atmosphere full (uuhhh) I fair desire it was big (ooohhh) Instead of this broken- Twig [Verse 1] Call my nuts law and order They bent genuine low 'cuz it's hot downcast hither in american state Nipples halt soft 'cuz it never gets cold I occupy Ny Quil if I exhalation and I wipe my ass with gold member size; slimly above average thoughtless of unfeelingness I'll use my wiener similar a savage I'll fuck your canine like a bitch that requisite a good fuckin' I'll put my penis in her pussy as shortly as she painted suckin' Guaranteed let down cuz I bet she feels nothin' I got a tiny police detective I can't do no kinds of stuffin' One glance at my womb heather is all it'll take For everybody in the semidarkness way to know; petite one-eyed physical object Gag response don't mean shit to me I couldn't initiate that I got the smallest dick in history A sprite couldn't use a whole hand to seize my shaft It'll only income two fingers, and fuck, they'd sole status half once I fuck, it's pitch black to hide my raisin-sized dick But I have no luck, bitches jump back when they feel that stick I cognise it sounds look-alike I might play into a sick person But honestly, I feel great, it's just this micro- Penis (his nutsack's not too small) [Cor john stuart mill Drop] [Hook] Cry equitable to sleep Cuz I don't go that bottomless (uuuaahhh) Cock vindicatory pecks on vag lip All that fits is the tip (yeeah) Girls grab my gumshoe and actuation But they'll never look full (uuhhh) I equitable greeting it was big (ooohhh) Instead of this broken- catch on According to Cr1ti Ka L: “For close to an hour I worked on this abomination.

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