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This book represents many ideas in one object. It is both the realization of an idea and a beginning. It is a beginning of a path for me and I hope for you as a reader. The question that started me on the path to writing this guide is "Why is it that when we feel the need to take control of our lives and do something for ourselves, we so often choose behaviors we know are harmful?"

What if, instead of inflicting harm on ourselves when we feel the need to express ourselves, gain control in our lives, or manage stress, we channeled that energy into behaviors that improve our health? This book is intended as a brief manifesto, if you will, on the essential aspects of health. It is intended to start a conversation, a process.

In this text I focus on aspects of life that have been demonstrated to correlate with better health outcomes such as love and relationships, family, work, self-image, fulfillment, financial health, and what we eat.