Doctor Sam

The only constant is change. That is a statement that I intuitively understand. I am now seeing patients at the Highland Park office of Fairview Clinics. This is the most effective way for me to practice primary care and provide the best care for my patients in the Minneapolis region.

At the Highland Park office of Fairview Clinics I will work hard to build a practice based on mutual respect between patient, doctor, and staff. I believe that these qualities are the necessary foundation on which to build a doctor patient relationship and thus a practice of medicine. For patients that agree with this approach I promise to do my best to accommodate your medical needs.

Doctor Sam, P.C. will remain present in order to respond to record requests for patients of the practice from 2009 through 2010. The organization is now shifted to a focus on non clinical work. You will continue to find health related information and resources and I welcome your input regarding ideas or resources that you would like to see addressed here.


Samuel Hanson Willis, MD
Family Medicine Physician